The Bubble Bash Guild


Founded in 2013, the Bubble Bash Guild is a non-profit and registered guild with the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Our guild is a part of the greater Seattle Children’s Hospital Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose guild association is the largest all-volunteer fundraising network for any hospital in the nation. We are a student-run guild, operating out of the University of Washington, Seattle by members of the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity. 

Our cause

“After having the privilege of attending the camp for even just a day last summer, it became very apparent just how special this camp is to the patients.”
— Michael Belick, Founder of Bubble Bash

The Bubble Bash Guild raises money and awareness for the Stanley Stamm Summer Camp. Founded in 1967 by renowned Seattle Children’s cardiologist Dr. Stanley Stamm, the Stanley Stamm Summer Camp gives nearly 100 children with chronic medical conditions the chance to go fishing, ride horses and take part in other typical summer camp activities at a week-long sleepover camp near Mt. Rainier. The camp, put on every August, is designed for children with terminal or chronic illnesses whose unique medical needs disqualify them from attending other summer camp programs. The Stamm Camp’s facilities include a fully equipped infirmary and the camp staff is made up of both trained medical volunteers & non-medical volunteers. With events like fishing, swimming, and arts and crafts, the camp not only provides these children an otherwise unachievable summer camp experience, it also provides an empowering experience and gives them the tools necessary to become independent young-adults. The Stanley Stamm Summer Camp will be celebrating its 53rd year this August and we could not be prouder of our commitment to its cause. Since its inception 7 years ago, the Bubble Bash philanthropy has raised over $165,000 in support of the Stanley Stamm Summer camp.

“I see them do things that they never thought they could do”
— Dr. Stanley Stamm

Our History & Ties With Alpha Delta Phi

On October 25th, 2007, the Pacific Northwest Alumni of Alpha Delta Phi convened at the Seattle Yacht Club to announce their intent to resume undergraduate operations at Alpha Delta Phi’s Washington Chapter in September 2008. This announcement marked the engagement of the “Launch” phase of the three stage re-founding plan that the PNWAADP had crafted 6 years prior. This phase brought on a new chapter in Alpha Delt history — the alumni wanted a house that stood out as different and one that valued independence. And so began the overarching theme of our re-founding, in that we never wanted to follow the beaten path of other fraternities but to blaze our own. This ideology is what compelled Bubble Bash founder Michael Belick — the then Alpha Delt President, now recent alumnus — to create the Bubble Bash philanthropy in 2013 and associate it with Stanley Stamm, who also wanted to blaze his own trail. To this day, the Bubble Bash Guild is still run by members of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity.